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Cisk is branching out

New for 2019 Cisk make a Berry Chill Ice Lolly

Cisk is well known to those travellers who have been to Malta as it is probably the most famous of our local beverages. Cisk is a Maltese beer but for April Fool's this year they decided to expand their business and start to sell Cisk flavoured Ice Cream and Ice Lollies too.

I don't know about you but during the hot summer I would quite enjoy a Berry Chill flavoured Ice Lolly.

Malta Loses George Cross

Brexit impacts Malta

On 15th April 1942, King George VI awarded the George Cross to the people of Malta in appreciation of their heroism during the Second World War. However in an article published this morning by it was claimed that a Tory MP had told the UK parliment that Brexit conditions meant all decorations to EU members and officials should be revoked including Malta's George Cross.

It was also claimed in the article that due to the role of Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat in Brexit negotiations that Malta was no longer deserving of the celebrated George Cross.

Apeks' new hoseless Regulator

Wireless really seems to be the in thing

In the modern world the need for wires and hoses really does seem to be a thing of the past. Modern technology means we can listen to music with headphones and no wires, we can charge phones without plugging them into the wall and apparently we can now breathe underwater without a hose to the cylinder.

The April Fool's from Apeks would have you believe that to be true but somehow I think I would prefer my air delivered through a hose for a while longer or at least until Harry Potter shows us where he keeps his gilliweed.

A Summer Drysuit

For those cold water divers who have forgotten how to use a wet suit or a shortie.

Learning to dive in a cold water environment such as the UK, Germany or Sweden means that divers often use a drysuit for almost all of their training and sometimes that first holiday to an exotic location where we have water over 15 degrees means diving in a wetsuit is something totally alien. Fear no more though as Santi have created this special summer drysuit.

Forget the complications of swapping to a wetsuit and having to use your BCD to control your buoyancy, use this summer drysuit from Santi to feel completely at ease in the warmer waters of locations like Malta. I am not sure about you but I prefer the traditional shortie!